OptiTrack Gloves + Manus Core

OptiTrack Gloves + Manus Core
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The OptiTrack Gloves by Manus are the premier way of  integrating hand- and finger data... mehr
Produktinformationen "OptiTrack Gloves + Manus Core"

The OptiTrack Gloves by Manus are the premier way of integrating hand- and finger data in your OptiTrack motion capture pipeline. Directly integrate Manus finger tracking in your Motive 3 project and record both body and finger data in a single file. Seamlessly add the natural hand and finger movements of your performance to your recording and eliminate the need for animating or keyframing after recording. The OptiTrack Gloves by Manus come with a perpetual license for Manus Core.


What´s in the bOX:

- One pair of Manus OptiTrack Gloves

- USB-C Cable x2

- Dongle

- Batteries x2

- Charger

- Mounting adapters


Hardware specs:

Signal latency                                     <5ms

Sensor sample rate                            90Hz

Battery duration                                  5 hours (swappable)

Charging                                             USB-C (5V)

Weight                                                 60 grams

Wired Communication                         USB-C

Wireless Communication                     Proprietary high performance 2.4 GHz prototcol (certified)

Finger sensor type                               5x 2DoF Flexible sensors and 6x 9DoF IMU’s

Finger flexible sensor repeatability.      >1.000.000 cycles

Orientation sensor accuracy                +/- 2.5 degrees

Textile information                                77% Polyester, 23% spandex

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