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Motive:Tracker 1 Jahr Lizenzverlängerung Motive:Tracker 1 Jahr Lizenzverlängerung
1 Jahr Motive:Tracker Lizenzverlängerung ( Nur mit bestehender Hauptlizenz einsetzbar) 64-bit, multi-threaded architecture Leverage the native power of 64-bit Windows and Intel/AMD processors. Track more markers and objects in real-time...
474,00 € *
Motive:Tracker Neulizenz Motive:Tracker Neulizenz
Initial software purchases include the current release, plus access to new versions for one year. Engineered to track objects in 6DoF with exacting precision—with support for real-time and offline workflows—Motive:Tracker is designed to...
948,95 € *
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